Enough To Make You Realize : My Top 4 Emotional Instrumental Songs

Taha Allione
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“The beauty of Instrumental songs, where there is no-one singing but the sound which is pure. The sound of the end of the world, the sound of melancholy, the sound of salvation. Making the listener realizing something, telling a story without words”

My love for instrumental music started 3 years ago. I was scrolling through social media, using tick tock, there an aesthetic video came on my feed, where I heard this beautiful song, the first time I heard it, it was like pure magic. Something extraordinary. Out of this world.

Making me realize a lot of things, the beauty of life, my past experiences (the good ones), people who I love, and the future which I don’t know about, having no regrets at all, and in the end dying peacefully.

The first song we have is,

Experience By Ludovico Einaudi

When I’m gonna make a movie someday, this will be my theme song. This song is pretty famous; you’ve probably heard it somewhere. Released back in 2014. There are different versions of it on YouTube.

The slowed ones are good too; the edited audio ones are also beautiful.

I just don’t know, what’s so special about this song, that whenever I listen to it, it feels like in the beginning my life gets started and as the song ends, it feels like, that everything is just gone, all the relations, friendships, problems, all dead, all gone. And you’re in Peace. All wars ended. And you’re finally at the place you deserve to be.

Ludovico Einaudi

A type of song where you’re grateful for not only your existence but that of the composer’s too. I’m a big fan of Ludovico Einaudi. His other albums are great too, but this one will always be at the top.

The second song we have is,

Schindler’s List Theme By John Williams

A critically acclaimed film score in the cinematic history, and from one my most favorite films of all time, Schindler’s List. The movie itself is pretty sad, enough to make a grown man cry, but we’ll focus on the song.

This song is the definition of what we call Sad* Alone* Powerless*

Obviously I heard it the first time when I watched the movie; it’s on my list, and sometimes I do listen to it. It again, like some few other songs, it makes me feel grateful that I’m living a healthy life, that I had a great childhood, where there were my parents unlike in the film where it’s depicted that the children are alone, families getting destroyed, facing diseases with no help, being helpless overall, getting killed, seeing your loved ones going away from you, the tears in their eyes.

I suggest you should watch this film too; it’s great, you can tell that by listening to the theme song.

The 3rd one,

Cold by Jorge Mendez

I can’t remember how I came across this great song, released 8 years ago. The Definition of modern melancholy by Jorge Mendez. I love it. The name cold is not without a reason.

I do feel cold while listening to this. By cold I mean it feels like, I’m in a castle somewhere in North, where there is raining or maybe snowing, and I’m sitting across a window, the window is open. It’s pure dark, only a bit of light. I’m crying, waiting for someone, waiting for something, and so it goes… making you realize the things you’ve done wrong, the people you’ve hurt, or vice versa.

The final one we have is,

Brand X Music Theatrical — Atonement

An Emotional Orchestral Drama, first time I heard it while I was watching a tribute video on YouTube, a tribute to the Dark Knight (Batman).

It suited the overall story of Batman.

I can say, this one is pretty underrated; it’s not sad like the others, but it’s more of a powerful song. What I feel here, is like a lone warrior, standing in the middle of a ground surrounded by dead bodies, the people gone from my life, and a the front, an army of people coming to kill me. But they are far, till now I have to get prepared, prepare to get killed? Surrender? Fight? Dying? A Warrior? A Coward? A question unanswered.

If you have a dream, a goal to achieve, a bigger one, then this one is definitely for you, I feel this that I have to sacrifice a lot here to achieve such thing, it’s a combination of faith and responsibility.

Well, I’ve been too dramatic. So these were the 4 instrumental songs, close to my heart, and are enough to make me realize things I haven’t, things I haven’t thought of. Who knows? So, let me know if you have any suggestions, and tell me which one’s your favorite.

Note: I haven’t given any links to these songs; they’re available on YouTube. And also, I haven’t included any more songs, like The Dark Knight Theme, Interstellar Theme etc. These are also my favs, but I didn’t want this list to be so long, so that’s why I haven’t included these, do check them out too. T.C.

“When Words Fail, Music Speaks”



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