I Read Red Hood Outlaw Vol. 1 : Requiem For An Archer

Released back in 2019, I read this one a year ago, but I didn’t remember much of it, yesterday I thought I should start again and this time end this series.

Red Hood: Outlaw: Requiem for an Archer picks up where the previous volume left off, collecting the next six issues (Red Hood: Outlaw: #26–31) of the 2016 on-going series with Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2 and collects five story lines: “Outlaw”, “Tooth and Claw”, “Even Endings Have Beginnings”, “Outlawed & Ordered”, and “On the Road Again…”.

It’s the best and the worst in different ways, but it’s Red Hood, the character which is great and my personal fav, so ya know.


The Design,

Here they’ve taken a different take, plus giving Red Hood a crow bar kinda makes him more deadly/brutal.

At first I was against this, the design I mean, but later on as the story progresses you’ll see it just fits into the picture somehow. It gives me Mortal Kombat vibes, the mask same as Scorpion and Subzero…

This design is not bulky like the old classy one, making Red Hood faster but also at risk of getting hurt, but he’s Jason Todd, The Red Hood!


Alone, desperate, deadly, but here Jason Todd has a shoulder to cry on, where he’ll not cry of course, but someone we know who is beloved, Roy Harper.

Well, the story is mainly about the new brutal mission, both Roy and Jason’s been planning since Jason got banished from Gotham City. Roy’s been the good friend as we’ve seen in the previous parts too. I love them, but… you’ll see for yourself not gonna give you any spoilers.

The bromance over all is fun and freshens the reader.

Fight Scenes,

It’s the best. The Best! What I can conclude about the merits of this comic is this, that the main focus of the creators was on the fight scenes.

The details were great, plus side for anime lovers, the scenes were sort of inspired by anime.

As I said the details were astonishing…

Now, I’m gonna end the Merits, time for the:


The reasons behind Jason leaving and what happens to Artemis and Bizarro are a toss away that will annoy world building fans, and the new pieces of middle America that Lobdell has created for Jason are even more clichéd and stereotypical.

The plot is simple AF. At first there are some characters, seen starting out of no where, and I don’t know the hell are these characters?

Red Hood in no longer Red Hood!

I’m gonna say this simply, I was not getting Red Hood vibes, whereas I was getting The Punisher vibes. It just came into my mind, the way the story was going. I thought that this ain’t Red Hood; this is Marvel’s Punisher. But every one has their own view on this, see for yourself.

The new villain is stupid; the idea of him and the Under-life is half-baked and poorly executed….

Overall I can conclude this. I haven’t read the next Volumes. I will, but right now, this one is good, not great. The problem is that the creators, they were primarily focusing on the fight scenes, which is good but not necessary; what is necessary is the story which is not as good as the fighting scenes.

To the majority of the fans, the designs are too over. To me it isn’t, but I’m talking about the majority, and Majority Is The Authority.

But in the end, it’s Red Hood, my fav, so I’ll definitely suggest you read this or add this one to your list.

That’s All I Guess.

“Batman Doesn’t Kill, But Red Hood Does”




24/7 Curious, Film Enthusiast, Studying Acting And Screenwriting, A Bit Of Psychology, Myths, DC comics!

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Taha Allione

Taha Allione

24/7 Curious, Film Enthusiast, Studying Acting And Screenwriting, A Bit Of Psychology, Myths, DC comics!

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