The Sinner ; An Underrated Piece Of Art?

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A few days ago, I started watching this show on Netflix. I was looking for some underrated series, series only a few people have watched. I came across this one, I haven’t completed watching the first season, but I’ve watched a few episodes. Time to share if it’s for you, or if it’s just another cult-boring show.

What’s Happening?

“Detective Harry Ambrose investigates various atrocious murder cases and tries to analyse the reasons behind ordinary people committing heinous crimes”

In the first season the two of our key characters are Cora Tannetti played by Jessica Biel, and Detective Harry Ambrose played by Bill Pullman.

Detective Ambrose

Cora Tannetti, an ordinary person, married, a mother, committed a murder out of nowhere without any reason until now. The Detective believes that there is a higher involvement here; that somehow the criminal, Cora herself is a victim of something hidden. Well, that’s what the Detective is trying to figure out, meanwhile, about handling his personal life. Cora, remembering her past, bit by bit, and there it goes. (BTW her mother is full of shit)

As I said before, I’ve just started watching this show. I can’t just say or make a proper statement about the show, but I can say this, that till now it’s been great to me. What makes it great, what appears to me great about it? Till Now.

Number 1, The Psychological Factor of not knowing what’s going on, particularly. I mean, you just don’t know why she committed that murder; that’s the mystery here, a simple thing.

Number 2, The Acting Factor. Both Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel, their performance are great! Especially of Bill’s, I mean, the expression he gets whenever he’s interrogating is kind of attractive. The way he looks, and the humor he got.

Number 3, The Characters Are Realistic. No shitty dialogs, no useless acting/crying. I realized this when Cora’s husband meets her after she commits the murder; seeing Cora’s husband’s behavior to this tragic event is fascinating. You may think that I’m repeating the acting factor again. But it’s not the same, the characters are realistic as everyone is doing something, everyone is engaged, not disappearing, like Cora’s husband, of course, we are seeing him doing things, going outside, meeting people, in the end being Desperate to know the truth just like the viewers themselves who are curios to know.

Number 4, Cinematography. You’re gonna see this one for yourself when you watch the show. I’ve personally included this one, cause the place, the greenery, close-up shots, lights were intriguing, or maybe it’s just that I’m watching something after a while.

This show’s been giving me the same vibes as NBC’s Hannibal, but it’s way different but lands in the same category, psychological drama/crime drama.

In total there are 4 seasons, let’s see how it’ll go, but till now I can say this is a great and an underrated show. I’ve seen the reviews, a lot of people do have watched this show, but if I talk about here in my country, people are busy watching Money Heist, Sex Education, Lucifer and some other shows which I don’t like and are shit! And they don’t know about this piece of art. That’s why I call it an Underrated Piece Of Art.

I love Bill Pullman’s character, Detective Ambrose. I just don’t know why, but it’s the main thing making me stick to the show besides the story. Also one thing to remember, it’s a bit slow! Slow* Maybe you will not like the first episodes or maybe even the first season but I’ve heard, read it in the reviews that you have to stick, the season 2 is way better than the first, I’m already loving the first season, so I’m curious what’s in the 2nd season.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all of it, nothing more. I’m an enthusiast, not a critic.

“Everyone Assumes, We Start Out In The Same Place. We Don’t” _ Detective Harry Ambrose



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